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Yuuutsu Ureshii, Yorokobi Kanashii
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Date:2004-06-03 02:20
Subject:Talk about dead!
Mood: contemplative

Wow... I must say, Paper's LJ goes poop. x_X

There is a reason though... hehe... *Shifty eyes.*


OMG! o_o

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Date:2004-05-03 03:01
Mood: uncomfortable

Ack, feeling a little better than earlier, but still over-all crap. ><

I got a little bit of good news. Well, it so happens that my mum just found £50 in her desk in her room... actually, my £50. Isn't that just peachy? Money for meh. ^^

Now I'm gonna go to bed. I have a huge pain in my neck, I'm sweating, my bones ache and I don't wanna feel like this. Oyasumi nasai.

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Date:2004-05-02 22:56
Mood: nauseated

Oh, God, I'm feeling sick like crap. x_X

I think it has to do with running around in the cold, wearing not enough to keep one warm. Heh, Mr. DeLeon made us run laps outside wearing when it was fscking cold. I mean, really cold. I was shivering in just shorts and a t-shirt. >_< Could I have least worn a hoodie or something?

Well, anyway... life's a whole lot of disappointments right now, but at the least, I don't feel suicidal. I just want to get un-sick. x_x Test on Wednesday and Friday, both in English. The one on Wednesday is about a book by Mr. Orwell called Animal Farm. Yadah, yadah, communist-bastard pigs... the one on Friday is on grammar. Can't complain, another good mark.

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Date:2004-05-02 03:51
Subject:Life sucks.
Mood: depressed

Life sucks. Humanity sucks. Everything sucks.

I'm sure Hell is in league with Earth right now. -_-

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Date:2004-02-24 23:30
Mood: sad

Hey... I really should have updated earlier, but I didn't... and I have lots of good news, but today I would like to share some bad news which really makes me feel depressed.

But alas, I don't think I'm permitted to say. Anyway, if anyone is reading this, I think I'll try to start updating more often, all right? Peace out from England,


((PS: My mom is back, just to let you all know! ^^))

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Date:2004-02-12 20:48
Mood: okay

Heyo, *yawn* updating my journal again. ^_^ Nothing much today, Tranas is showing me a free Ragnarok Online (jeez, I'm such a dork xD)... well, not anymore, I'm still downloading the damn thing, but I'm role-playing on Gaia to ameliorate such download-time pains.

School was fairly boring, except for a comical commotion in Biology. I was getting really hungry ((haha, that's new xD psyche)), so I opened up my schoolbag... and started to chow down on some cookies during class. Behind me, I heard Thad and B-Rent notice, and turned around, their eyes pleading for some cookie. So I gave them some cookie.

xD That sounded wrong...

Anyway, it seems that those two cookies didn't feed my hunger, so I took out a spoon and some Jell-O ((eating this all under a desk so Mr. Recking wouldn't see >_<)) and started eating, and I noticed Chad and 'Rent both staring at me... again, except they started to laugh. I tried to rush them with that universal signal ((you know, the finger to your lips?)), but they just laughed louder at my pathetic attempts to not look retarded and eat at the same time. xD Okay, I threw the spoon and cup into the disposal, and looked at my stomach... which growled. I was like *DAMN! I'm gonna get fat >_<*. Sooo...

I took out a sandwich. ^_^ And that sandwich made me thirsty... so I took out my apple juice ((there went my lunch xP)) and started to feast. I looked over at 'Rent, and being the dumbass he is, he blurted out:

"I smell something... smells like lettuce..."

o.o 'Rent, you idiot! xD He started to look at me under the desk, and I think Mr. Recking saw me there, so I stood up... holding a pencil, saying I dropped it. -_- I continued to eat, when...

"It actually smells like ham, cheese AND lettuce!"

With that, I threw a piece of my sandwich at his hoodie. He looked at me, and then spoke, rather loudly:

"Damn, did you see that Mr. Reck? Someone threw this at me!"
"Well, ignore it, just throw it away."
"I think the person who threw it at me should!"

He threw it back at me -_-. Anyway, that's pretty much anything interesting in any of the classes. Lunch, on the other hand...

It was me, Sammy, Taki, Corey and Trevor sitting in the cafeteria, eating our lunch ((except me, I was sitting there, my lunch *disappeared*)) when Sammy takes out some chocolates. For 10 freakin' minutes, I repeatedly asked "Can I have a wrapper?"... for no reason, really. Just needed to bug her. When she was finally done, she threw the box at me, and I took out the wrappers, then looked at Noodles' glasses, and thought of an idea.

Blindness. It sucks, right? I don't know.

With my relative newb-ness at being blind, I wanted to experience blindness for myself. I took the glasses and wrapped four wrappers around each lens, and wore them. I could see nothing, but I could hear EVERYTHING. It was neat! ^^

After a few seconds of ackward-ness, Taki took my drink. ¬_¬ He returned it infront of me, and I smacked it away xD Fuzzy placed it in front of me again. SMACK. Again. SMACK. Then he placed it hard on the table and picked it up, and I hit the air. >_<

After the cafeteria, me and Taki started walking to P.E., but I was still blind ((hehe, Noodles had no glasses! xP)), but I needed Taki to guide me, but we kind of got in an arguement right when we left the cafeteria... I told him those blind people dogs were better than he was. He abandoned me, and I could hear people pass me by. I was about to take the glasses off when I thought "Blind people can't just gain sight again! I will endure their hardships!", and waited for 2 minutes when he returned with a soda. xD

He guided me down the path outside to our next class, Taki holding my left hand as I stretched my right to not hit people. xD After a bit, I bumped my head against some wood. I immediately tackled Taki into the grass, but I couldn't see, so I wondered if I really hit Taki and not some random person. It turns out I did. ^^ Well, that ended my adventures of being blind for today... it was quite fun! You should try it... unless you have arrogant, immature, stupid friends like Taki >_< j/k!

Well, I'm off to finish roleplaying! Oyasumi nasai!

*sweet dreams, world!*

PS: My mom gets out of the hospital in 2 days! w00t!

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Date:2004-02-12 02:29
Mood: sleepy

Okay, time for a rant. This rant goes to, DIABLO II! Yay for it. xD

Carrying on, Blizzard needs to go and make Diablo III already. Lazy bitches. And the patches they are making are making crappy-ness within the game (in my opinion... I stoped playing for months when they nerfed the Paladin). Maybe we should kill Diablo II... or maybe I'll sell it... but I'm afraid I would just go buy it again... Damn, the only reason I'm ranting is b/c I'm sleepy... though it's Diablo's fault for making me sleepy!

Anyway, screw this... *yawn*

Goodnight! *kiss*

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Date:2004-02-11 22:02
Subject:Late Night w/ Alice L. xD
Mood: drained

Note: This part I wrote at school. It looks like I was bitchy at the time (but I was just tired), but here it goes.

Hmm... I'm supposed to be writing a story about fossils in science right now, but I'm writing what I'm gonna put in my LJ later. It kinda shows how much I don't care for school... and humourously, I had a entry in my WeekLog (this everyday thing I write in science where he posts a topic/question and we respond), and today it asked this:

"Do you take school seriously?" I'm sure you'd like to hear my anwser...

[directquote]No, I really, really don't. I sleep a lot, probably due to some insomnia problem. I eat food during class, I talk with my friends during tests, I listen to music, even use AIM on my laptop once in a while. Just yesterday I was playing Halo when we were supposed to be taking notes on half-lives in carbon-copies of dead stuff. I draw during tests, read magazines, and play on meh GameBoy. I read a lot and do a lot of shit I'm not supposed to.

And yet I still ace all my classes with a 95+%... I wonder why I bother, I'm more intelligent than everyone in the damn class (save Michael).

Well, I don't care. I'm surprised I even attempted to do this. It's not your fault, I'm just an idiot. A smart one.[/directquote]

Heh, reading that made me seem angry, but I'm not! ^_^ Just sharing my opinion of school. I wonder when I'm getting home.

I just got back from TaeKwon Do, and I 1/2 kicked ass and 1/2 sucked ass. During sparring class (hehe, I'm part of an exclusive class! Out of all the students at my Dojang, only 1 out of 30 make the team ^^), I was sparring my friend Tyrek, and about 5 minutes within the match, he attempted a fast-step-roundhouse kick, and I tried a 1/4-turn-jumping-turning-back kick, but he did a open-hand inside block... and... accidentally grab meh foot, and I feel onto the ground and he tripped, too, holding my foot, dragging me a bit... and, now, bluntly and boldly put...

My breasts hurt T_T xD

Oh, yeah , I gave spoony a gift. xD It's another anti-Bush pic... I need to make more xP

Well, I'm gonna go off and see if Gaia's working, oyasumi nasai!

((oh, yeah, i'm gonna mention him again...


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Date:2004-02-11 03:54
Mood: hyper

Okay, I have been debating with myself to end this LJ ((so damn early)) or not to, and I've reached a verdict!

It shall stand tall.


Okay, well, here's my day ^^

Today, I had to go to school! WHAT THE HELL?! Anyway, that day was pretty uneventful, except, maybe, for teh lunch... hehe, my teacher took me to McDonald's! Yay!

*glomps Mr. McDaniel*

After that, I had to go work on some gardening near/at the cathedral on some rosebeds for some money. ^^ I got about £15 for the hour, and I worked for three hours, so £45 accumulated! Hehe, arcade money for a while! And on that note, I took a bus to the arcade!

I had fun there for about an hour, maybe two, hanging out mostly with my little sis (followed me on the bus with her friend) and her friend, Collin. There, we split up and played games, but my sister and Collin had to come and report every few minutes since I don't wanna lose them ((bless their 10-year-old hearts xD)). After a while, my friend Trevor appeared. YAY! xD We played some DDR ((hehe, I won the final bout, End of Century MANIAC ^^)), then some Guilty Gear, then my sister asked me and him to play a game which I loathe...

Gauntlet. Er, not the old one, the new one. >_< So I played... got addicted, but the problem was... I STILL HATED THE GAME. ADDICTED TO A GAME YOU HATE. How ironic. I hope I just used the word 'ironic' correctly, it seems misplaced. xD

Anyway, I got home... and went straight to my computer ^____^ Gah, I feel like finishing a story to my bud Tranas about teh "Neverending Night of Fun", which came to a poor end. xD

Oyasumi nasai!

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Date:2004-02-04 17:24
Mood: sleepy

hey everyone, i finally posted again on LJ... not much is up right now (except for my lack of sleep), but i would like to tell everyone who prayed for my mother thankies! *hugs them*

she might be out before the 14th, which is good ^^

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Date:2004-01-31 20:22
Mood: sad

heyo to everyone who reads this...

umm, for those of you who care, my mother seemed to have been struck on the motorway back from the hospital where she works just to be returned back to the hospital. the fuckin' bugger was drunk and got away without a scratch, but my mother was different. she has a few organs on her inside bleeding (or they were, doctors fixed that) and she was knocked out for a few hours. i got to see her last night and i fell asleep in the hospital, the nurses nice enought to let me use a room for the night. i might not be getting on the net much for a little while, but until then, please pray for my mother...

they say she might make it out as soon as 14 Febuary...

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Date:2004-01-29 22:36
Mood: amused

whoa, there is a domo-kun invasion at the apartments! xD

school was nothing interesting today, though i did have to walk home because one of my friends *cough*SAMMY*cough* wanted to some me a paintball gun she was gonna buy... i was walking for almost a freakin' hour *tired* well...

second post? w00t!

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Date:2004-01-29 07:24
Subject:First post! yeah! xD
Mood: confused

argh... *confuzzled* well, i think i kinda got the hang of this LiveJournal crap... *yawn* i'm also so freakin' tired, it's school time already... oh well, i guess i can explore this later, right? maybe SPOONY xD can help me with this if she's awake...

well, oyasumi nasai! *huggles whoever xP, then goes to school and sleeps on the bus*

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